Black and White

July 25, 2011

Being an architect can be demanding. There are lots of deadlines, stuff to be discussed and finalized, queries to be answered, designs to be submitted. But although there's loads of work at the office, we always manage to stay happy, we have fun! I brought my camera to the office last week and we just went crazy taking pictures (during breaktime, of course. haha). Just a bit of a break from the busy-ness of the day. 

(half of) The gang. :) So happened that everyone was wearing black and white on that day. No we didn't plan it. hehe. :) can you see the granite and stone samples at the back.? :)

Ate Maybell, me and Shai

Me and Shai.

What I wore : dress: F21 II shoes: Random
Forgot to wear my big earrings when the pictures were taken! (took the earrings off for a while. hehe. Will post the picture, the earrings are cute. :)

Shai is leaving soon. Will miss her to pieces! (Dedicated pala in honor of you Shaie! hehe.) Will still meet up pa naman for coffee and hangout. :)

You can't go wrong with an LBD. Love black and white. Classic. :)

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