The Simple Pleasures

June 07, 2011

Work days call for moments of random relaxation. It's easy to stay happy and stress free when you can find excitement in the simplest things. 

Random things that make me happy. Instant stress relievers. :)

Australian (spread on bread. hehe) Vegemite! Some people love it, some don't - I think it's an acquired taste. I love it! spread a little butter on your piece of bread, then the Vegemite, then pop it into the toaster, and you're good to go. :) Reminds me of the time we stayed in Australia. :) 
Hot Mexicana Tsokolate at Mary Grace (hot tsokolate with a bit of chili-love.) and to-die-for grilled cheese rolls. - favorite combo. I love the sweetness and the chili together. :)

Food trip with Jordy! Takoyaki, California Maki rolls, Fries, Buffalo Wings, Hotdog sandwich and soda!
This is my favorite thing. :)

Getting my nails done. Almost dozed off.

There's nothing like a good book. :) Watched the movie, and read the book (on my phone! so convenient!). Loved it. What can I say? I love love stories. :)

What's your simple pleasure?


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