Redhead Launches Model Search!

June 02, 2011

The Redhead clothing line for the young, stylish woman is one of SM Dept. Store's chic clothing lines. They have come up with lots of cool, stylish pieces that will surely add some spunk into your wardrobe! Redhead definitely provides an avenue for young women to express their style through versatile, chic and stylish pieces.  

with Liz (of Project Vanity) and Isabelle (of Urban Dai)

Last Friday, I was invited by SM and OMD Media (Thanks Cristel!)  to a little meeting to introduce Redhead's newest campaign. 
They're looking for new models to represent their clothing line, and are opening this to all young ladies ages 15-25 years old! The Redhead Model Search is on! 

Below are the mechanics. So, for all those who have that dream of becoming a top model or a brand endorser, this might be your chance! It's so easy to join!

Redhead Girl Search Contest Rules and Mechanics

Practice that catwalk, and hold that pose at the end of the runway! Catch the Redhead virtual tour at the following venues and schedules :

The Redhead Model Search is on Article

More photos from the event:
Me, Isabelle and Liz
( on me - top: random I skirt : Forever21 I Shoes: Parisian)
Me and Isabelle

Browsing through the rack of  Redhead clothes. Lots of great new pieces! (Thanks Redhead! see the pieces I took home in future outfit posts.) Check them out at the SM Dept. Store Girls' Teens section. 


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