The Rachel Zoe Resort 2012 Collection

June 01, 2011

Rachel Zoe has unveiled her latest Resort 2012 collection, and I must say, the pieces are gorgeous. Although I don't love love all the pieces, there some that I really like, some of which I will probably save in a little collection of photos for future fashion inspiration. The collection gives off a kind of 70's feel (which is very spring 2011) with the flare pants and the dresses. The way the models were styled is very Rachel Zoe, and the collection itself is reminiscent of her style. 

   Rachel in some of her outfits. I think much of this style has rubbed off on her Resort 2012    

  Some of the pieces from the Rachel Zoe Resort 2012 collection.

      Beige or tan has always worked well with white. I love this set : so chic and sophisticated.    
      And so 70's! (the dresses!) I love the beige top on the jeans, and I think my pair of 
      wedges looks much like the white shoes on model (third outfit). 
      The very resort feel as translated in splashes of color. I personally would love to try on the  
      maxi skirt trend, looks fun and chic! I'm not that tall, but we'll see if I can pull it off. :) Maybe I 
      can just wear very high clogs. :) Very relaxed, very fun and chic.
          I love the crispness of the white. White, in my opinion, always has the resort feel because 
          its cool, clean and airy. It is a canvass for accessorizing. See the 70's flair (or flare. hehe)
          in the jeans right there? These can pass off as corporate chic looks. 

   Rachel's take on the LBD. See the dress on the left (first outfit)?  Much like the dress we had
    in our first collection (picture below : this was part of collection on our online shop. check us 

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