i love: Luster by Kolours

June 27, 2011

I always wanted to color my hair but was thinking that I still had to save up for a hair coloring treatment at the salon.But then I learned about Luster by Kolours, I got excited! It's so easy to color your own hair! Just by following the instructions - you can have your own hair coloring treatment in the comfort of your own home. And it's just going to cost you only P385!

Luster by Kolours is Splash's high-end line. Luster is demi-permanent and ammonia-free so it doesn't have the strong smell of other hair coloring products. Luster by Kolours is the newest product from Splash. The color lasts for 6-8 weeks.  

Why choose Kolours? Because only Kolours know how to take care of Asian hair. Through the Science of Color and Care for Asian Hair, Kolours' unique formulation deeply penetrates hair cortex to give superior color coverage from root to tip while maintaining hair's natural moisture. Advanced Chroma-Plus Formula in Kolours Shampoo and Conditioner enhances various shades without changing its original color with a unique hydrating system that makes hair soft, manageable and shiny.
safer and gentler for the hair. 

There are three shades to choose from:

Adore Me Chestnut
Delight Me Mahogany
Pamper Me Brown

I tried Delight Me Mahogany.

Jen and I did our hair coloring together. (Had so much fun! Bonding!)  So some of the pictures are from her. (thanks Jen! do visit her blog here. :)

 The box contains the tube color, the bottle which contains a cream (that will be mixed with the color from the tube), a pair of gloves and conditioner.

Its so easy to do! Just empty the color (out of the tube) into the bottle applicator. Once you've done that, you shake the bottle to make sure that the color and the creme mix well (make sure to read the instructions on the back of the box as well. :). Then apply the color onto your hair using the gloves. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse it out and condition after. 

Me and Jen at the Bloggers' United Bazaar. My hair before having it colored. It was just black. hehe.
See Jen's results here

My hair after I colored it - under the light.
Taken outside. See the streaks of mahogany brown? Love it! :)
I love my new hair color! It has reddish streaks which I totally adore.
You too can have the hair color that you've always wanted! Luster is available at Watson's, SM dept Stores and Mercury Drug Stores.


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