Philippine Fashion Week recap : SM Dept. Store, Luxwear and Oxygen Shows

May 22, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week is always a much awaited event for all fashionistas and fashion lovers. So I was excited to find out that we got invites/passes to some of the fashion shows during fashion week! (all thanks to Jen and Tatie!) PFW is always fun because you get to meet other bloggers/new people, and get access to see all the fresh new designs and the designers themselves. It's an opportunity one must not miss.

We got invited to the SM Dept Store fashion show, but because we thought the schedule was just like the previous year's fashion show, we missed it entirely. But all was not lost, because we got to take home coupons for free shoes from Parisian!  Having the freedom to choose pair of Parisian I want just excites me. I saw the latest collecction of pumps, they're all to die for. (I'm just thinking if I can handle the 5" heel. hmm. but all the designs are gorgeous!) I heard from Jen that new styles ave arrived at the SM stores. Will be sure to take a look. 

Naomi, Divine, Kai, Jen and Me at the Parisian shoe exhibit. 
 (thanks Jen and Kai for the pics!)

We attended the Luxewear and Oxygen Fashion also. It was an evening of celebrating great talent from our local designers. The show was jampacked with lots of great designs, the models just kept coming! (hehe, the show featured a noteworthy list of fashion designers). Here are some of the designs I loved.

Because there is not a decent close-up pic (I need more practice with the camera at runway shows) in my camera of the Luxwear show, here are pics from

First up, designs from the Luxwear Show.

John Guarnes
By John Guarnes. My favorite dress from the collections. and the skirt comes off! Pure genius!

Julius Tarog : corporate edgy.

Melvin Lachica : Sheer Silhouettes 

Nicky Martinez :Colors

Nicky Martinez purple cutout gown
Julius Tarog segment
Kat Corpuz: Cut out patterns on dresses

Loved the Luxwear show!

We attended the Oxygen show right after the Luxwear show. We were excited because we heard that Claire Unabia from ANTM was going to walk the runway, so that was a little something extra. The designs were great! The pieces are versatile and great to wear with any outfit. Tried to take pics with my camera this time. :)

Love love fashion week! :)


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