Let's eat!

February 15, 2011

I am a person who enjoys going out and spending time with friends. Dinners and coffee dates are my favorite things to do, you get to enjoy the good food, and spend time with friends. I find that eating at a good restaurant and enjoying the food, or having dessert or coffee is very relaxing after a hard day at work. I love eating out, I love exploring new places, and trying new food. 

Here's a list of the restaurants that I would like to try this month. I've been hearing lots of good reviews from friends about some of the restaurants on this list (Bonchon! can't wait to try it!) and some of them I've been passing in malls, or have seen while travelling or on the internet. 

1. Bonchon 
(Korean restaurant now with a branch in the Philippines!)

First on my list : Bonchon Chicken. My friends and I were supposed to eat here once, but the restaurant was not open yet at that time. So now that it's open, I'd really love to try the food here. I heard the chicken is to die for, and I've read in a blog (credits to ourawesomeplanet.com) that they have this really interesting side dish called kimchi coleslaw which is a delish side dish that goes with the chicken, and since I love kimchi I'm definitely going to try this out. 

2. Sumo Sam
(Japanese food!)
We were supposed to have dinner here yesterday (to celebrate valentines day. :) but the line was super long, so it must be that good! Friends who have tried it have praises for the food, so I'm dying to try this one out. 

3. Kanin Club
(Filipino food)

Another promising choice if you're craving for Filipino food. Heard that their sinigang is the best! Will definitely try this, I love love Sinigang. Will try their other dishes as well. I remember stoping by Kanin Club one time during a site visit in Nuvali, Laguna. The technical team of the project we're doing (in Ayala Nuvali) loves this place.

4. The Red Crab 

If seafood is your thing, then The Red Crab is one restaurant you should try. My friend and I passed by The Red Crab at Gateway one time and thought, we should try this out! I love eating crab, but I've never tried eating it at a restaurant yet (we always have crabs for dinner at home). so this would be an interesting experience. Ready the bibs, table napkins and claw crackers. 

5. Yakimix
(Sushi, Smokeless Grill, Restaurant)

One of the much recommended restaurants, Yakimix offers a buffet of sumptuous food that you can prepare yourself, on a grill that is built in at your table. For me this is the fun part, you get to season, and cook your own food to taste. And you get to come back for more if you're that hungry! My sister tried it with her friends, and they can't help but crave the yummy iced desserts that are available at the buffet. Lots of good comments about Yakimix, and although I never got to try it before 2010 ended, I will definitely find time to eat there soon! 

All this talk about food is making me hungry. hehe. :)

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