September 16, 2013

The Mall of Asia is easily one of the most complete entertainment venues in the metro today. For just a quick train ride (or commute, or drive) you can find your getaway within the city, a place to watch the sunset, eat and have fun with the family and bring out your adventurous side. :) You could just imagine our excitement when we were invited by SM FECI (SM Family Entertainment Center Inc.  for a bloggers' day, and a chance to experience some of the activities SM MoA has to offer. :)

New heights with Jen, Ava and Athan.
Photo grabbed from Ava

First on the list was the MoA Eye. It's the biggest and tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines. It has 36 air-conditioned gondolas, and it's a great way to enjoy the sunset by the bay, as well as the breathtaking views. :) It's a great date place (wink wink) and definitely a fun and different experience to share with friends and family. A ride costs P150-250 pesos, so worth seeing the view at the top of the ferris wheel. :)

We were treated to a Cruise by the Bay next. It was my first time to ride a boat at Manila Bay, and I say I am all for the cleaning up of Manila Bay. It's such a great treasure to just waste and pollute, so this is a great way to appreciate it and also to raise awareness about preserving our environment. And there are such great views! Sulit ang boat ride. :)

Photo grabbed from Ava. 

Ah, the breathtaking sunset!You can't help but take lots of pictures. :) It would also be a perfect date, with the sunset as your backdrop. It couldn't get any more romantic than that! :)

Perfect for selfie shots, ganda ng sunset! 

Our last activity was the DropZone, a 40-feet free-fall experience. If you are the kind of person who will brave bungee jumps, or roller coasters and you love the thrill and adventure, then you'll enjoy this! I actually tried a similar activity a couple of years ago, but was too scared this time (hahah). Jen and I promised that we would try it next time we had the chance. Dapat may bragging rights na natapos itong activity na ito! hehe. Ava tried it, and you can say that she really had an experience that she'll never forget (you can read about her experience here. It's really a "must-try" activity.

After all the activities that afternoon, we headed to dinner, we caught the view of the fireworks before heading inside the mall. And took some pictures of the landscape with all the lights. It was a really fun and festive experience. :) 

It's such a great place to have some family bonding time, or it could be a place to hang out with friends and barkada (dare each other to try the Drop Zone! hehe) and it could be a great first date! We all had a wonderful time!

Thank you, SM MoA and Full Circles Communication Inc. for an unforgettable afternoon by the bay! It sure is a welcome alternative from staying indoors all the time. :) Loved this experience!

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