June 06, 2013

LACE UP. I love wearing pants. I think they are really comfy and practical plus you don't have to worry too much when commuting.  On weekdays my sisters and I meet up at the mall so we can go home together, thus the mall pics. haha. Deadma sa mga people, for the sake of blogging. haha. I specially like the detail on these columns (here I go again with the architecture commentary) don't you? I think they make the space look classy. :)

I wore my purple button down top together with my slacks and flats. I love this pair of flats, I bought this during my China trip (because they were beautiful , and because it was raining so hard, I had to buy this to save my flats from getting drenched.) I so love the detail on them. I'm going to take a close up pic one of these days to show you. hehe. 
I love casual outfits, you get to dress comfortably, but still show your style. :)

What I'm wearing:
Top - thrifted
Neckpiece - Girlshop
Bag - Parisian
For the longest time struggle muchy ako with taking pics - had no one to take them. Now I have Arj (boyfriend/bestfriend/ now photographer na din. haha, o diba? hehe). He told me to include him in the credits, so here it is na. Thanks for the pictures! :)

Been checking out other blogs to catchup on my reading, and Vern & Verneice's blog is a new discovery for me. I already know them but I haven't really taken the time to check out their blogs. I like Vern's style (peg ko. Simple yet classy and sophisticated.) Just wanted to share. :)

Hope you're having a great week so far. It's almost Friday!!! hehe

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