July 24, 2012

Camille Co's Fashion Tips. :)

Beauty Tips from Nikki Tiu
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FUN FUN DOODLES AND COMIC ILLUSTRATIONS! I came across an interesting blog post from Patty Laurel ( and couldn't help myself, i just had to check it out! hehe. And now im hooked! hahah. is love. haha. I wish I had this kind of talent in drawing and illustrating. I just love the illustrations! I had so much fun looking through their site because of the countless illustrations and images that I could relate to! So since I love fashion, and I kinda love makeup too, here are two of the many illustrations i loved. They had some collaborations with some bloggers, which in my opinion is such a good and fun idea - they make the thoughts/ideas come to life through illustrations. What i really love about this is the quirky statements and comments that Ponggo and Tipsy insert. haha. Just a cool and fun site, I super love it! :)

In other news : Its been raining these past few days, which I kinda love (except when I have to commute in the pouring rain. The car is coming real soon! I declare! :) just the perfect time to sleep in, and when you finally wake up, its also the perfect time to have those movie/series marathons complete with hot chocolate. hehe. And what a perfect time to bring out those blazers, cardigans, jackets and scarves you've been keeping in your closet! Time to bundle up and layer, layer! :)

Have a great week everyone!


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