April 23, 2012

QUIET SOPHISTICATION. I wore a nude colored dress, (thanks Laura! :) with my patent black pumps, a gold clutch and a gold bangle. :) love the nude and gold together. :)

 The girls : me, Nessa, Dom, Eloi and Ina :)

There is nothing more memorable than celebrating the most precious moments in your life with your closest friends. I am kind of sentimental, so you'll see that i write a lot about my friends. :) It was quite a reunion we had, me and the girls. We were classmates and good friends in highschool, and it's great that we have managed to still keep in touch up until now. We haven't seen each other in months, and so this was a chance to catch up . So much fun! :) Congratulations to our girlfriend Zha who tied the knot with her sweetheart on that day. :) 


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