April 17, 2012

I have just discovered the ultimate getaway that architects, art and culture fanatics would really love. :) 

If you love the idea of walking along cobble stone streets, or riding a calesa, then you'll enjoy this place too!

AN INTERESTING PROJECT. When I heard about Las Casas, I just had to google it. I think Daphne Osena wrote about it in her blog too.  (You know how much I love Daphne. haha. peg kung peg! read about her blog post here. ) It's a project by San Jose Builders, where they rebuilt and restored several ancestral houses on a lot that they developed to look like a town in the Spanish era. I am imagining that it'll be like walking along a street in Vigan. :) I think they have a pool and accommodations. and , omg, they have a panaderia, restaurants and a bar and coffee shop that serve food, drinks, coffees and teas reminiscent of the old times. It's like a remake of a complete 19th century town. From the articles I've been reading, it must be a super nice and breathtaking place. but I'll save my architectural commentaries plus my thoughts on this when I actually see the place. :) It's going to be an authentic experience of the architecture, food and culture! 

 We're planning a trip to Las Casas (company outing yey! :) Will do a blog post on my experience too. I'm definitely bringing my camera. :)

photocredits and more about Las Casas here. :) 

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