March 26, 2012

Their famous milk tea, my friends who were living in China, were raving all about it, they bought me a drink so I could try it out. :) Authentic Milk Tea. :)

traffic in China. hehe.

The sleek train station at Hongkong : We took the train straight to the airport so we could catch our flight. The train system in Hongkong and even in China is so advanced and organized, makes me wish we had the same train system here in the Philippines. 

The MTR station in China. I was amazed at the intertwining trains and the transferring from one train to another. 

The airport in China. Awesome Architecture. :) That's me and my friend Pau. 

Milk tea. :)

I don't know what it is with tiles, but most of the buildings that I saw are tiled. hehe. It looks kind of cute. hehe. :)

street food. :)

ADVENTURE AND FUN IN ONE. The trip to China was my first time again in a long while to travel abroad. It was adventure and fun, so I was super excited about this trip. I had been to the US and Australia before, but it was my first time to visit an Asian country. My goal is to be able to travel to one Asian country a year (if my budget allows me to. hehe). Traveling is a great learning experience, you get to be immersed in their culture, and to see the different sights. China is so rich in culture, some friends were telling me that it was an opportunity to visit my homeland. hehe. (i am 1/4 Chinese, my grandfather is pure Chinese. :) I am part Chinese, but I am definitely 100% Filipino by heart. hehe. (so nationalistic. hehe) 

We landed in Hongkong, and took the train to Guangzhou, China. It's a great city, if you like shopping and culture, then you will enjoy Guangzhou. :) The airport in China and Hongkong is just so awesome, makes me wonder how they have such great architecture there, and we have to make do with the airport that we have here. haha. (excuse the architectural commentaries. haha.) 

This is just a sneak peak at the many pictures that we took, and lots more stories on the experiences. :) Will do a couple more posts on my trip. :)

Hope your'e all having a great Monday! :)


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