PFW: Chris Diaz/Liz Cua/Eric delos Santos

November 08, 2011

I was able to watch the Chris Diaz/Liz Cua/Eric delos Santos fashion show during Philippine Fashion Week, which was held at the SMDC Showroom. It was my first time to see the interior of the building, and I love the modern and grand interiors! I wish I had more time to look around, I am always curious of the designs and the spaces. I'd have to search who the architect is. 

The crowd gathered for the show. Can you see the ceiling? And the stairs, nice accent. :)

 The interior of the SMDC Showroom. Maybe I'll have more time to explore it soon. hehe.

 The host for the night: Sarah Meier in her gorgeous red gown. :)

The show opened with Chris Diaz' s collection: the colors were gorgeous, and the pieces were glam and fab, ready for the summer. The collection consisted of long gowns in gorgeous hues, swimsuits, short dresses and pants. I personally loved all the pieces! :)

 gorgeous hues: turqouise and gold. 

I liked Lizanne Cua's Collection too, simple pieces that could be worn everyday. 
 Lizanne Cua in black. 

Eric delos Santos' collection: glam! :) 
(photos of collection from Gie.)
Watched the show with the girls! 
 Kai, Freida, Ana, Me :)

Ana, Gie, Kai and Me. :)
Group pictures from Gie and Ana. thanks girls!

The place was packed with people, and I was glad to see my other blogger friends who watched the show with me: Kai and Laura (Kai's sister), Ana Gie and her friend Frieda, Mar, who we spotted after the show. All the designers' collections were stunning! (loved all the cover ups, and the dresses, gowns and also the swimsuits. 

Today is Tuesday, I have a slight hangover of the long weekend, but its all good! It's a great start to the week: had time to rest, and spend with the family (and also a little bit of blogging and blog surfing, as well as watching dvd's and reading!). I had my first Starbucks Christmas drink of the season (Toffeenut Latte, my favorite!) : it's starting to feel like Christmas already!


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