IL Merkanti Foodtrip

October 13, 2011

ianne, ren, sofi and jordy enjoying the pasta!

Fish and Chips. yum. :)

 Cakes galore from the famous Med Chef. :)


The drinking station. 

 shrimp in butter sauce.

 deep dish pizza!


 Isaw, barbeque, etc. :) Favorite!

Isaw galore. :)

blogger friends! check out their blogs. :)
standing: Me
               Tin of
sitting: Jen of + sofi 
          Genn of
          Tiffie of
          Aya of
              Kei of 
              Gel of
             Angel of

This is everyone in the group: Our blogger friends and close friends. :)

Outfit of the day: top:random II Gray bandage skirt : Forever 21 II Black structured jacket
(that's me on the left most part of the picture. :)

 Each of the bloggers received a GC. Yey, free food! :) 
(photo from Jen. Thanks! hehe)

The IL Merkanti Bazaar, is located along Metrowalk and is open every Wednesday to Saturday, 7pm to 4am. 
(photo from Jen)

We had a super fun food tripping experience last week at the IL Merkanti food bazaar (Thanks Genn for the invites!). It was raining hard, but hey, we still had so much fun! I went with several bloggers (who have become friends too. :) and a couple of close friends to experience the food bazaar for the first time. It was a mouth watering experience, seeing all the food lined up on tables before you, you wouldn't know where to start! 

So after much thinking (haha. yeah right. :), I started to look for my favorites first. I love dressing up, and wearing heels, but that doesn't mean that I don't eat isaw, its actually my favorite! So I went looking for that first. I found this booth where they sold stcks of isaw, loong sticks of it. Was just delicious. I think I'm craving for one now that I'm writing about it. 

Some more of my favorites that I found in the bazaar : pasta, shrimp cooked in butter, fish and fries (chips), chicharon, sushi, cakes and desserts galore. And that's not everything yet. hehe. You'll have to visit the bazaar to experience and see all the food choices. Just looking at all the food is making me hungry. :) 

Drop by soon for that mouth-watering food trip! :) 

Happy food-tripping! :)

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