Freeway x Manansala : Art and Fashion

October 31, 2011

Fashion and Art. Two things that I love, so when I was invited to the FreewayxManansala Collection Launch at the Row in Glorietta 5, I was super excited! Art and fashion always go well together. Fashion is an art. And art can be fashion: as showcased in Freeway's newest collection in the series celebrating the works of the national artists. 

The free artwork from freeway.

Divine Lee and Tim Yap hosted the event.

The collection! 
Divine Lee and Me. :)
group pic from jen. thanks! :)
from Freeway.

the Manasala collection now available at Freeways Stores!

The newest line from Freeway features the national Artist for painting, Vicente 
Manansala. The beloved well known Philippine cubist painter and illustrator, reinterpreted or indigenized cubism as he drew his themes from the familiar Filipino environment. Some of his masterpieces are Madonna of the Slums, a portrayal of mother and child from the countryside who became urban shanty residents once in the city; and Jeepneys where Manansala combined the elements of provincial folk culture with the congestion issues of the city. Manansala was proclaimed National Artist for Painting in 1982.

The concept of printing the works of the national artists on clothing is genius, immediately producing a fashionable and unique item of clothing that exudes style, and at the same time shows our love for our culture and exquisite art. :) 

Catch it in the Freeway stores, and have your own piece of fashionable art. :)

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