August 01, 2011

I love wearing heels! They are an instant fashion statement. :) For girls who love wearing heels, flats are
a lifesaver. (try changing into flats after walking for hours in your heels! :)

Heels are my favorite shoe, but who says you can't make a statement with flats too? :)

clockwise from top left
1. Leather Flats from Boden
2. Suede Corsage Flats from Boden
3. J.Crew Augusta Ballet Flats
4. Skorch by Steve Madden
5. Romantic Soles Abbey from Zappos
6. Banana Republic Whitney Patent Flat
7. Frye Kate Toe

(from http://www.oldsweetsong.com/2009/03/treasure-hunt-spring-flats/)

Bright colored flats are a great accessory. Pair it with a cute dress, or skinny jeans and a nice top, and you're good to go. 

Cute animal print and glittered flats are fun accessories to any outfit! try wearing red with black, goes well with white as well. (color blocking is good too! :) I have a pair of red flats, i love wearing it with black. :)

 A favorite find : I recently bought a pair of rubber flats just like these (SM Dept. Store, Jessica). Its perfect for the rainy season (to keep your feet dry), they're comfy, and stylish as well! I got mine in a gray color.

The stars wear flats too! When they're not strutting on the red carpet, they go for comfy flats. :) Great ways to style black and metallic flats. :) 

me in black flats. :)

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