Friday, April 15, 2011

Fresh Inspiration : an update. :)

I recently opened a tumbler account (, and have been browsing through the pictures/posts. Here are some of the inspiration pics that I have come across. I hope they inspire you as well. hehe.

Dear shoe cabinet, I shall organize you into something like this sooon!
I just love how everything is organized according to color. maybe will organize mine
according to types as well. hehe. OCness. look at all those stilleto pumps! 
orange clutch. :)
Nude colors : Monotone doesn't have to be boring. :)
If I had these boots, I’d live in them.
love theses booties. I think the SM line has something similar to these. 

Color blocking with Zara.
love the leopard print, navy blue, brown and gray together.

bangles with pearls. :)

(photocredits to owners of photos :))


shopgirl jen said...

i love the shoe cabinet! i want also. para lam ko ano pang kulang kong shoes, hehe :D

fashionistarchitect said...

heheh. correct. and so madaling pumili ng shoes na match to outfit diba? :)