Color Coded Architecture

March 30, 2011

Here's an interesting building that I came across while blog-surfing. This is Arc en Ciel, a new building in Bordeaux, France—part residential, part office—by Bernard Buhler Architects, spotted via Architizer.

I'm thinking, it would have been also a great concept for the interactive library that I designed for my Design 10 thesis back in Architecture school. 

The building is so brilliantly colored, the glass reflect these vivid hues onto the walkways inside when the rays of the sun hit the panels. Would like to see the building lit at night as well. I imagine it would be like a lampshade, with all the brilliant colors showing. 

What a great way to liven up a community. :) 

The beautiful hues flood the walkways.

The addition of the protruded parts/graphics might have been a little too much, but over all, I would say its a good concept. I love it!

Again, great architecture. 

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