Gelatissimo is love.

February 22, 2011

We were craving something sweet, and after having dinner in Greenbelt, my friends and I took a stroll around to look for a desert place. We so happened to stumble upon Gelatissimo, and decided to try it out.

Since I love chocolate, I ordered chili chocolate. I had already tasted a chocolate bar having the same flavor (Lindt chili chocolate, which I crave from time to time, but cannot find a store that has it.) and I loved it, so I was excited when I ordered my scoop of gelato. I was not dissappointed. I loved my order. 

Gelatissimo recreates the Florence gelato experience incorporating Italian music, photographs and a romantic Italian experience. It serves authentic Italian gelato, gelato shakes, it's signature Bambino cones and quintessentially Italian sundaes to the delight of customers young and old. (

Their selection of gelato ranges from chocolate flavors (all kinds: chocolate, dark chocolate, chili chocolate, cookies and cream, snickers...) fruit flavors, vanilla, lots of other choices (cant remember all the flavors, so much to choose from!) They also have new products: this includes Italian coffee, traditional Italian biscotti, light meals and chocolates made in Australia with Italian heart. 

I was thrilled when they opened a branch in Trinoma. We had dessert there after our valentines day dinner. 

Valentines Day dessert with the girl friends!
Photos from shopgirljen. view her blog here.

Now my gelato fix is just a train ride away. The interiors are nice. Rich and red. Overall experience inside the store is nice, very comfortable seats, relaxing atmosphere. What else is needed when there are lots of gelato flavors displayed in front of you? 
Nothing gets better than that. :)

Iam stressed now and would so love a scoop of chili chocolate. :)

(credits to owners of photos)

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