May 06, 2012

ALL THE LITTLE THINGS. Saizen, where you can find anything you need. :) Its like a department store with minisections, for all your needs, from beauty to kitchen thingies, food to school supplies, they have it. :) I was invited together with the other bloggers to shop and explore their store in Trinoma, and I must say I had a lot of fun. I love the little knick knacks, and there's so much useful stuff that you can buy! 

See the full post for more pics: 
all the fun, functional, amazing stuff you can find at Saizen! :)

 Everything at P85. EVERYTHING. 

 CHOCOLATES. i love. :)

Nail polish in different vibrant colors. 

 foot scrubs and shower sets : perfect for pampering yourself.

 for your lippies. comes in different flavors! 

 Pretty accessories!

I loved the school supplies section! 

Lunch boxes, Kitchen stuff, organizing stuff. Lots of it here! :)

my fave snacks!

If you're an OC person like me, then you'll enjoy the selection of stuff they have for organizing!(baskets, pen holders, storage bins!)  Look at all the pouches, foldable shopping bags, and cases that they have! I have to say this is my favorite section! hehe

 Jen and me and the cute headbands we discovered. :)

 Kai found the perfect clipboard!

 exploring the store. :)

The Popsicle maker was Sofi's (Jen's cute daughter. :) favorite!

 Aya, Genn, Jen and Sofi

 The staff at Saizen was so kind and accommodating, they even had a snack prepared for us! 

 F21 Dress Tassel Necklace by Genn . Mango bag . Tomato watch

Genn and Me with my new necklace. hehe. 

 Aya and me. 

Thanks Gel! 

The bloggers friends : Gel of So Gelleesh, Genn of Plus Size Love, Jen of Shopgirl Jen,
Aya of Codename Aya, Kei of Kei's Lifestyle Closet, and Kai of Brew of the Day

Thanks so much to Gel for the invite! Was glad I was able to join the girls for an afternoon of bonding, and exploring the store, and of course shopping! I brought home the cute polkadot headband I was wearing, and a pack of my favorite peanut snack. :) It was so much fun! Will definitely drop by Saizen again, there's so much more stuff to explore! 

Visit their store soon! :) You may check out Saizen's FACEBOOK page or Saizen's Multiply page for branches near you! 


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